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eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. >> it is of course the week before the big game when the ravens face off against the 49ers in super bowl xlvii. and the winner has already been chosen by an orangutan at the fresno zoo. she's been picking super bowl teams since 2009 and this year predicting the 49ers will win it all. one thing though, her record is not exactly perfect. in fact, it's perfectly ordinary. she has been right exactly 50% of the time so far. >> don't go to vegas on that one. >> are you making a prediction? >> no, just enjoying the game. hope that everybody else does. great to see you, jon, good to
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be with you. >> and tragically the broncos aren't in it, next year. >> thanks for joining us. >> "america live" starts right n now. >> megyn: fox news alert on a high profile meeting at the white house today marking a new development in the debate over second amendment rights. welcome to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. police chiefs from 13 cities just met with president obama and vice-president biden as the administration tries to rally support for its gun control push. the police chief include representatives from communities that have suffered from recent tragedies, like newtown, connecticut and aurora, colorado. the president hoping they will get behind the call for more gun control laws. >> this is a representative group. it comes from a wide cross section of communities across the country and hopefully if law enforcement officials dealing with this stuff every single day can come to some basic consensus in terms of
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steps that we need to take, congress is going to be paying attention to them and we'll be able to make progress. >> megyn: interesting this, this meeting comes against the back drop of a new interview that the president gave to the new republic. that's gaining national attention. in it, president obama is not happy with political opponent questioning his policies particularly when it comes to the gun control. and chris stirewalt, host of power play on i want to tell the viewers we got breaking news, comments from one of the newtown families, one of the children's parents. they're very compelling and this father has a different view on gun control than president obama does. and he's the first to stand up on this issue in this way so we're going to play that momentarily, but i want to talk to you first about what's happening at the white house. the president saying i'm going directly to law enforcement and try to get their support for this. and sort of trying to go
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directly to the american people, which has been his approach. in the meantime though, his comments in the new republic are getting a lot of attention, chris. he was asked about how he's going to work with republicans, going forward, whether it's on gun control or immigration or what have you. and this is what he told the new republic. the interview was conducted by somebody who worked on his late campaign and contribute today his campaign and obviously a friendly interview. this is what the president said, one of the biggest factor is going to be how the media shapes debates. if a republican member of congress is not punished on fox news or by rush limbaugh for working with the democrat on a bill of common interest, then you'll see more of them doing it. and you know, obviously, the president, this isn't the first time he has taken a shot at fox news. for me it isn't about what he says about fox news, it's about once again, once again the president saying, if somebody disagrees with him, if these republicans disagree with him, it has to be because
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someone has manipulated them, someone has somehow gotten to them, fox has gotten to them or rush has gotten to them and again, it sounds dismissive of heart-felt beliefs that republicans may hold or constituents might hold that just may not line up with his. >> yeah, megyn, president obama said that a lot of different ways. this interview is very instructive because he's talking about it in the sort of media criticism that sort of professorial media critic role and talks about what's wrong with the process and what's wrong with the media from his point of view. look, when he talked about why people would oppose second amendment restrictions, he says, well, they want to sell more guns or that the cause of this is selling more guns. and he said in his inaugural, or not -- he has said several times, said in his final press conference in this first term that republicans don't-- have some reservations, they don't feel comfortable with helping the old people, helping young people who are
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doing these things. he imputes to his critics the worst possible motives and goes into this saying that, as he's talking to the new republic. anybody who opposes him on these things is doing so because they're a coward, because they're being controlled by rush limbaugh or what's being said by the perveyors of opinion on the fox news channel. it's pretty remarkable and gives us insight why very little progress has been made on issues of substance, since we had divided government in washington. if the president thinks that these guys are that bad and that terrible, well, it's no wonder he doesn't want to work with them and no wonder they don't trust him to do big things with. >> megyn: the fox news channel is the the number one cable on-- number one channel on cable news, but as wide as our viewership is, the 300 million people in the country, although i'm sure we'd love to speak to all of them and rush would love to speak to all of them, we don't. and the president seems very convinced that anybody who
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disagrees with him must be subject to undue influence and then he went on to speak to-- this sounded like an attempt at balance, you tell me. because he went on to say the same dynamic happens on the democratic side. i think the difference is just the more left-leaning media outlets recognize that compromise is not a dirty word. so, his favorite outlets, they, they like compromise and you can see he gets applauded regularly by the likes of rachel maddow when he compromises with the republicans. she loves that, i mean, it's just the world view that the president has of the media, it does tell us something? >> well, it almost seems beyond parity for a president giving an interview to a liberal magazine to somebody who used to work on his campaign and who is a donor, complaining about the conservative press, going the other way and talking to these people and saying, the conservative press is doing it wrong. even more revealing though, is that the president thinks the real problem isn't what rush
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limbaugh does or what bill o'reilly says or whatever happened. he thinks the real problem is the establishment press and the mainstream press doesn't call out republicans for being more terrible. he thinks the problem is when you get down to it, that the mainstream press is too friendly to republicans and i can tell you that republican members of congress do not feel like they have been getting any kind of adulation that they see the president receiving in recent years. >> speaking of adulation, there's a question whether one of the discussions he had in this interview will lead to that or not for president obama. he was asked about shooting and guns, and in an attempt to make, you know, them believe that he understands the desires, the feelings of hunters of gun owners across this country, the following exchange happened. question, have you ever fired a gun? >> yes, in fact up at camp david we do skeet shooting all the time. the whole family? not the girls, but often times guests of mine go up there and i have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that
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trace back in this country for generations. so, already, chris, in response to that the nra came out and said something to the effect of, the second amendment isn't about hunting traditions, it's about a constitutional right and you know, they don't seem satisfied with the skeet shooting at camp david. >> no, and the other thing, if you pars out the sentence it's not how often the president goes skeet shooting. it would be interesting, maybe do a demonstration and he could go out and he and john boehner could do a rack of clay pidgeons and see who comes out on top. >> megyn: can you imagine what would happen if he did that. john kerry tried to get himself a picture with the ducks and lost endlessly, they're not-- >> the ducks were killed. and the president demonstrating i'm not against the family traditions of hunting and not allowing the fact that a lot of people do
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hunting, but not against the tradition of hunting, but people on the pro second amendment side of this say this has nothing to do with killing birds or shooting clay pidgeons, this has everything to do with tyranny and the government and individuals and empowerment of individuals. so the gap just gets wider and wider and wider. >> megyn: yeah. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> megyn: as we mentioned a moment ago, there was some powerful testimony today on the issue of gun control in hartford, connecticut came from a man named mark mattioli who lost his son, remember the picture his sweet child. his father spoke passionately about his son, the shooting of the issue of mental health and how he thinks more gun laws may not provide all the answers we need. here is a short excerpt. >> what i would say is chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and i would say to people who wanted to have a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think that
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gun laws are protecting the people, let alone the 500 who perished last year in that city. what have those laws done to make chicago is safer city? nothing i propose. can't we do better? yes criminals by definition break the law. what we experienced in sandy hook, did they break the law? of course they broke the law. these 500 individuals who were killed in chicago, they're breaking the law. is one more law, i don't care if you named it james' law, i don't want it. >> megyn: wow. the first we've heard from one of the newtown parents with an opinion like that, we've seen parents come out in favor of gun control, but this is a new and different voice in the chorus. the hearing in hartford is still going on and we're monitoring it and we're going to run mark matoli's remarks as least at this point. and the one saying he thinks it's badly lacking in america today and how it can help
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prevent future incidents like sandy hook. we're going to run that for you at 1:30 and we're going to have a fair and balanced debate where this goes from here after you listen to mark matioli upcoming. a story in milwaukee also getting attention today as a sheriff there says calling 911 is no longer your best option and he's urging folks in his county to learn how to handle a firearm. coming out with a blunt new public service announcement that's getting a lot of attention, but there's a lot of back story here involving an ongoing fight with the milwaukee mayor, tom barrett. and that's where trace gallagher picks up the story live from the west coast news room. trace. >> in this media flurry, david clark issued three public service announcements, one on drunken driving, one about texting and driving and one about personal safety, how not to become a victim with the sheriff saying your safety is no longer a spectator sport. listen to the psa. >> you can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed or fight back, but are
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you prepared? consider taking a certified safety course and handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. >> well, the sheriff got a lot of support from people who agreed that 911 response time is not good and it makes sense to be prepared, but milwaukee mayor tom barrett accused of sheriff of auditioning for the next dirty harry movie. here is the mayor. >> which was most troubling to me, if there's an emergency i want people to call 911. if they have the sheriff put out what i consider a public disservice announcement, discouraging people from calling 911, it's just wrong. >> and an anti-violence group backed up the sheriff saying that it's nothing, but condoning vigilanteism. clearly the sheriff and the mayor have no love lost, saying a tire iron wielding suspect beat mayor tom barrett to within inches of his life, i would think that he would be a lot more sensitive to people
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being able to defend themselves in such instances, a firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day. the mayor in response to that said he wouldn't respond, he would not get down in the gutter with the sheriff. but when it comes to 911 response times, megyn, we did some research and the sheriff's got a point. they've gone down in 13 out of 15 categories that much slower. for example, armed robbery, now an average of 31 minutes for first responders to get to your house, and for sexual assault, it's now 51. >> megyn: unbelievable. obviously, that's too long. unacceptable. all right, trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. >> megyn: what good does it do you? we're developing this hour, awaiting the announcement of sweeping new immigration reforms from a bipartisan group of senators, eight senators from the u.s. senate will make this announcement here today and we will hear exactly what their proposal is. that has a lot of support across the country already and it's bipartisan as i said and there are some questions, but
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what it would mean to add some 11 million folks to our potentially health care system, if these folks attained citizenship and stu varney is next on that. caught on tape at the winter x-games, an out of control snowmobile plows into a crowd of fans, we'll show you the video and what happened next.
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>> fox news alert. we're awaiting a major announcement on immigration reform in this country. we're told that group of bipartisan senators have come to an agreement on the frame work for sweeping legislation that would revamp the entire immigration system. this is one day before the president makes his announcement on this so you can see all the wheels are moving. the proposal we expect to be unveiled would improve monitoring and enforcement at the border and at the same time allowing a path for citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country. while a poll suggestion that a
10:18 am
majority of americans support a this move or a move like it, what w millions of new citizens potentially start signing up for health care? and possibly medicare? what will be the practical effects of that? stu varney the anchor of varney and company on the fox business network. the debate whether it should happen, that's a different debate. this is if it's going to happen and now picking up momentum and the latest fox news poll show 66% of americans want to see something like this happen. you've got bipartisan senator, you've got mccain, rubio, a couple of senators on the republican side joining with democrats 0 to come out and say we believe this is a good idea. let's start with obamacare, right now, that does not cover illegal immigrants in this country. >> that's correct. >> megyn: what will happen if they gain citizenship. >> that's important that you make that caveat. if they gain citizenship. okay, that's very important. because there is a probationary status in these preliminary negotiations. but let's assume it all goes
10:19 am
forward and 11 million people achieve citizenship and therefore eligible for obamacare. we don't know the cost of that, but we do know that a proportion of those 11 million would be going on to medicaid. we know that a proportion of them would be going into the subsidized health care exchanges which obamacare sets up. that implies there is going to be a cost to our medical system to the federal taxpayer if you make 11 million people suddenly, quickly, citizens. you also have the question of what about medicare? they would be eligible for medicare at some point in the future. that's 11 million-- >> is that right? you don't have to work legally in the american system for a number of years before you can qualify for medicare, just i'm an american citizen-- >> you're a citizen and you're in. >> you could move here tomorrow and if you became a legal citizen within ten years you'd be eligible for medicare. >> yes, and the cost of that we don't know. the cost to obamacare we don't know, but there will be a cost.
10:20 am
and i think that the cost, the financial angle, should be part of this debate. granted, it is a moral, administrative legal debate, yes, a political debate, got all of that, but the question of finance hangs over that debate. and it should be part that have debate and at the moment is not because we don't know how much. >> and, but, you know, the other side of it is, you've got these folks are already in america. they're normal human beings, they have health issues, when they have their health issues they don't just sit at home letting the cancer grow. they go to the hospital. so, they're already likely taking advantage of our health care system, and how either they pay out of pocket or like uninsured americans they don't pay the at all. so, in other words, they're already in the system. could this wind up legitimizing the whole cost situation? >> it would be a saving. if these 11 million people become citizens, they don't have to go for medical treatment to the emergency room, which is very, very expensive. therefore, if they're not going to the emergency room, they're going through the system legitimately, that's a
10:21 am
saving. you no longer putting that enormous cost on to the hospitals. that is an area of saving. the other questions are a question of cost. exchanges, medicaid, and medicare. that will cost more, savings though on the emergency rooms. >> megyn: because right now, federal reimbursement for uncompensated care has been slashed under obamacare. so if an illegal immigrant goes to a hospital and gets care then he may or may not pay if he qualifies to become a citizen and gets obamacare, the federal government will not reimburse it it. >> and pay that way as opposed to this way. >> megyn: i'm not saying is very well, but the costs are going to go up. i want to ask you this though, so we're all talking if they become actual citizens, but there will be this probationary period you mentioned, i think of the movie back draft, proby.
10:22 am
when you're a proby, american citizen, right now obamacare would not cover them, but there is a push by some democratic lawmakers to change that, too. >> this probationary status you're talking about would be a new and different legal status. someone who is not documented, illegal, but gone through the background checks and paid back taxes and in the process to get towards citizenship. at that point they only have probationary status and may not receive federal health benefits period. now there's a push to eliminate this status because it will be a two tier status, wouldn't it? two tiers of residents a lot of people don't want that, push it as soon as you've gone through the background checks you're eligible for medicare, medicaid and obamacare. >> megyn: we will see. they're going to make the announcement within the hour, a little more than an hour, it will be our first look and listen to the proposal. stu, thank you. again we'll bring you the
10:23 am
immigration announcement at 2:30 p.m. eastern, and hear directly from the citizens involved on what the new rules will be and then we'll talk about it, whether it likely to pass not just the senate, but the house. a powerful new voice in the gun control debate and a father of a sandy hook victim tells what he thinks america needs to do about gun control. >> we need civility across our nation. we need common decency to prevail. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> we're learning more about a deadly nightclub fire in brazil over the weekend. police there say they've made three arrests and are seeking a fourth person after more than 230 people were killed in the inferno. survivors say the fire spread so quickly, there was little
10:27 am
emergency responders could do and that security guards briefly tried to block patrons from leaving the club, fearing they were trying to skip out on their tabs. officials say a banned pyrotechnic display may have started the fire and the town in brazil is preparing for hundreds of funerals. well eextreme sports are known for high flying stunts and big crashes and yes, sometimes injuries. this time it's a fan who gets hurt. australian athlete jackson strong was performing a back flip at the x-games last night when he lost control of his snowmobile and fell to the ground and the run away vehicle sped into the crowd. trace galner has the story. >> reporter: for those who follow the support jackson is well-known name and big bag of tricks and this is what he calls the jack and does a flip on the motorcycle and when he
10:28 am
gets to the top you can see him go off. the motorcycle doesn't go up, just he does, up and over. he has great experience here he is on the snowmobile trying the same thing. and years on a motorcycle and he will exactly four hours of experience on a snowmobile. going up in the air and tries to do that jack again, doesn't quite make it, and falls off. and, but the snowmobile is still revving, right at full power and the-- the throttle is engaged and going into the spectators and you can see there, it it hit one young person and amazingly, that person was taken to a hospital, megyn, he hurt his right knee and released and is expected to be fine. >> megyn: wow. >> reporter: as for jackson strong you would think next time he goes out to do snowmobile tricks he might want to get a little more snow time than just four hours. >> megyn: how could that be four hours. >> reporter: all he's got. he's so good on the motorcycle he figured he could do that
10:29 am
with any motor vehicle. didn't quite work out the same with the motorcycle. >> megyn: did you know what i like about the video, those around the injured guy and helping him. and we do so many stories people are in hurt or danger and took a second to help the guy that was hit. here, watch it again. all right. four hours, what was he thinking? thinking? >> reporter: yeah, see, may have hit the brakes, that's what happened and get that thing engaged and run for safety and see it, look how many people ran back to help. very heartening, actually. all right, a lot of them ran back and they ran back to get that snowmobile disengaged and get it so it wouldn't take off again. >> megyn: same difference. good forethem. all right. trace. the weather casters are warning folks to fatten their seat-- their sleet belts, cute,
10:30 am
fasten the sleet belts, massive winter storm is covering parts of the united states in dangerous ice and where it's headed next, plus, the emotional testimony from the father of a newtown school shooting victim. six-year-old james mattioli was killed in the massacre and his father mark is speaking out saying what he thinks is lacking today to help prevent future incidents like sandy hook. could this man's voice be a game changer in this debate? >> what i would say is chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and to people who want a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think that the gun laws are protecting the people let alone the 500 who perished last year, we have more than enough on the books and we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and enforce laws appropriately. art attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me.
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10:35 am
gun laws may not provide all the answers we need. we're told for about ten, 15 minutes and culled the highlights from that. watch here. >> i think there's much more promise for a solution in identifying, researching and creating solutions along the lines of mental health issues. i think there is a lot of work that can be done there and i thought our friends, the richmonds who are forging a path down that road. i believe these issues, especially gun violence are not as complex as you've been told. there's been a lot on tv. a lot of politicians telling you the way it is and it's very difficult, complex. i don't believe it's so complex. i believe the solution may not be as easy to implement as you might-- as i might hope, but it's a simple concept. we need civility across our nation. what we're seeing are symptoms are a bigger problem.
10:36 am
this is a symptom. the problem is not gun laws, the problem is a lack of civility. so, i'm 42. when i was 25 years ago, i was okay, i was allowed to go see an r-rated movie. the violence that i saw in that movie paled in comparison n tv today. just norm tv, 14 year olds are out there watching law and order svu and ncis and it's just disgusting. we need civility across our nation, we need common decency to prevail. when i was about james' age, he was six... let me change the subject for a moment. so our school, i'm very proud of sandy hook. our school is not a building, it's the teachers, the parents, the students, we have
10:37 am
some core, core values and i encourage you to visit the websi website, cultivating character. okay? we as parents, that's our primary job. we ask the schools to, you know, contribute to that, but we are the primary care givers and educators and sandy hook is a wonderful example. okay. back to me at age six. my mom took me to the grocery store and my parents are the children coming out of the depression so they're not big on entertaining impulse purchases. so i asked for a back of bubble gum, my mom said no. so i stole it. well, that did not go over
10:38 am
well when my mother discovered this as we pulled into our driveway. she drove back to the store, made me hand the gum back to the cashier and apologize. and say that i would never do it again. that's the type of parenting we need. parenting is where we need to focus our attention. we do not need complex laws. i am a big proponent of individual accountability and enforcement. so if there are going be to be laws we should enforce them. what i would say, chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and would i say to people who wanted to have a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think that gun laws are protecting the people, let alone the 500 who perished last year in that city. what have those laws done to make chicago a safer city? nothing, i propose. can't we do better? yes. criminals by definition break the law. what we experienced in sandy hook, did they break the law?
10:39 am
of course they broke the law. these 500 individuals who were killed in chicago, they're breaking the law. is one more law -- i don't care if you named is james' law, i don't want it, i think we have more than enough on the books. we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and we should enforce laws appropriately. and i would say we're not currently enforcing them appropriately. appropriately. [applaus [applause] >> that poor father. i can just imagine, it's been just, barely a month since his son was murdered in his first grade classroom, little james mattioli dead at age six. joining me now the former deputy assistant to george w.
10:40 am
bush and julie, an assistant to frank lautenberg, what a powerful voice. >> powerful, reasoned, common sense approach from a man who has everything to be bitter about. i'm a victim of gun violence almost kidnapped when i was 18, a shootout at the house, the two guys who perpetrated the crime against me and my mom didn't have legal guns. and my position on gun control is the same as mr. mattioli, he has a harder cross to bear, he lost his son james, i'm here, but a cautioned reasoned common sense approach to gun control is where america should be. we have enough laws, he's right. we don't have the enforcement that we need and also he spoke to mental health. the people who perpetrate these crimes are mentally ill in most cases and criminal,
10:41 am
and need help before they act out. >> megyn: nothing else, it should add to the debate. so many in favor of gun control have been somewhat dismissive of the other side and their motives, you know, even the president has suggested that those who gin up fears about this are after ratings or revenue. that's not what this guy is after. >> no, and quite honestly, i'm having a hard time trying to keep it together right now, as a mom and as-- i just, you know, i have all the respect in the world for this man, six weeks after the biggest tragedy that could possibly happen to it a father, to go out there and to say what he said, you know, i respect it, i don't necessarily agree with everything he said, but far be it for me or for anybody who hasn't walked in his shoes to criticize anything he's saying. look, there's nothing to be said other than he makes very good points about civility, unfortunately, aim not sure you can regulate civility, these kinds of tragedies happen and people move on and
10:42 am
go back to the status quo, what it used to be. i happen to believe we do need some more sensible gun laws, and universal background checks. the majority of nra members support. i think those are a good idea, but look, he's right that we need to discuss these civilly and again, far be it from me or any of us to even comprehend what this man has been going through in the past six weeks. >> megyn: you saw other parents from newtown backing the president last week and the president flanked by children when he said a gun control announcement. yet, mark mattioli reminds us there are entirely reasonable people who are hurting directly as a result of horrific gun violence who see this issue a very different way. >> absolutely. and he didn't get up on a soap box and try and prosecutlytize his views based on the death of his son james. he laid a good case better than anybody i've heard so far
10:43 am
as to how we should approach the problem of gun violence in america. it should be, yes, civil, but it also should be factually based and we have enough laws on the books now if we chose to execute on those laws and make them in words what they mean in action. and he gave a powerful demonstration today at that hearing. i hope that a lot of people not only see it, but read his testimony and that something is done proactively in the line of his response that we're not going to go willy nilly like they've done in the senate like the senators bill from california. you know, it's amaze to go me that the senator could get a bill on gun control, yet they can't seem to get their act together on a budget. it's a knee jerk reaction. >> megyn: or just mental health. you heard him, julie talk about mental health. he said at the end, criminals by definition break the law and is one more law the
10:44 am
answer, he's talking about mental health. >> and i wrote a column about an aunt i had who was incredibly mentally ailen the point is, she would be able to go to a gun show and purchase a gun of any kind without any kind of background check and so i was saying that essentially what is needed are the universal background checks, at places like gun shows and among private sales to assure that mentally ill people would not be able to get their hands on a gun. in the case of sandy hook, unfortunately that's not a gun that the killer purchased it, his mother purchased it and he would have got his hands on it anyway. if we're talking about mental health and people mentally ill make it much more difficult to do that. >> megyn: we need to make it much more easy to get help. >> you're 100% right, not disagreeing with that at all. >> megyn: where is the focus on that? where is the focus on it? >> listen, we should have focus on it, you're not going to get a disagreement-- >> i'm not blaming president obama, i'm seeing no politician take the lead on
10:45 am
this. >> the problem is we've had privacy concerns over the last several decades we can't share data or force people into mental health treatment. of course we can, people who are generally-- >> use today do it all the time. >> and people who generally are a danger to society, absolutely we should, you're right about that. >> megyn: yeah, listen, thank you both for being here and for your reaction, we appreciate it. up next, new fallout from the court ruling against the president's labor board.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
>> the new fallout and new questions after a panel of federal judges say that president obama broke the law when he made recess appointments to the national labor relations board, that's the board that basically decides disputes between corporations and unions. at issue now, what becomes of a year's worth of decisions, most of which were very pro labor, that came under fire from republicans and pro business groups that have now been essentially voided? joining me now is lou dobbs, on the fox business network,
10:49 am
and that seems to be the consensus is that there are five members on the board three of whom the court said never should have been on there, appointed illegally by the president and so their decisions over the past year are void. just tell, can you take us through a few of the bigger decisions now they can kiss goodbye? >> absolutely. and we've even had, megyn, there's only one member of the board who is lawfully appointed, one. >> megyn: one for five. >> one for five and the supreme court ruled that isn't enough, thank you very much. listen to some of these as you say. and the heritage foundation looking at the cases and this is how screwed up, crazy, and just utterly compromised the board is irrespective of the validity of the judges, of the appointees on that board. first, the nlrb decided there could be ambush elections and give the employer three weeks, everybody, we're done. in and out. >> megyn: no chance for the employer, a meaningful chance for them to influence the employees the other way. >> you know, and you think of it, the question here is not
10:50 am
about the fairness or the sense of that ruling, but the fact that the only thing that would stop it is the judgment by this appellate court, the d.c. court of appeals saying that this is unconstitutional. >> megyn: that's gone. >> period. forcing employees, employers in all industries to bargain with so-called microunions. >> megyn: so if you don't have enough to get a full union in a shop. you could have sort of microunion of the front desk clerks? >> instead of united auto workers, you could have the international hubcap workers on the assembly plant, microunion. it goes on. i mean, this-- these are the rulings of these folks. >> megyn: even a couple that jumped at at me, limited employees rights not to fund political activities. this would be like paying off your car and then being told by the bank, no, keep paying those payments until we have further information for you. >> megyn: there have been so many controversial decisions
10:51 am
by the nlrb and now they seem to be gone. where does that leave the people and the corporations who were subject to those rulings? i mean, employees who are forced to pay dues to employers not knowing where the moneys were going to go, who were denied access to this information that would show them, now do they get the moneys back? how can they raise challenges and say, hey, that court decided with me? >> well, they'll have to now because the administration, president obama, and the nlrb decided they're going to ignore the federal court, the appellate court, that has ruled that their activities and those appointments are unlawful, unconstitutional, and as a result, they're going to force corporations, businesses, with these challenges, they're going to have to go to court on each and every one of those 218 rulings. that's how much regard this administration has for this court. this is not the first time that they have been ruled against by the court.
10:52 am
the last time. but the supreme court in which it insisted that there must be three votes, this time they're insisting that they also have to be constitutional appointments. not some recess faux recess appointment. >> megyn: now i want to talk to you about that next because now, the democrats are pushing back saying that president bush did this all the time. made the recess appointments and yet, there was a difference. that's next. glucerna hunger. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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10:54 am
10:55 am
>> back now with lou dobbs host of lou dobbs tonight on the fox business network. and now some are outraged by the unanimous court of appeals because this is nothing more than president bush did when he made recess appointments during his presidency. however, there is a significant difference between what mr. bush did and what
10:56 am
mr. obama has been doing. >> don't you love it when, megyn, they-- >> well, you blinked. >> the fact of the matter is there's nothing quite as fearsome as the outrage of a democrat when he or she is lying to the american public and that's precisely what they're doing. george bush, democrat instituted pro forma as a basis to stop-- >> meaning they're not really in recess. they gavel in, this is what the -- they're not really in recess, they come back and gavel in and do this to prevent a president from making recess appointments and go ahead. >> and president bush to make a long story short, respected that and ended the recess appointments when they were quote, unquote in pro forma. >> megyn: so the senate democrats invented this practice which president bush respected. >> yes. >> megyn: not so under president obama. >> what does this president respect when he it comes to law, to order. this is a senate that hasn't passed a budget in four years. a president who's been ruled against by the supreme court
10:57 am
on the very issue of appointments and number of board members on the nlrb and still, he presses forward with these outrageous, as we've just gone through, these outrageous decisions? this is a president who -- there are those who tell you that he is a former constitutional law professor. this cannot be because this thing would not be a matter of not understanding the constitution, it would be a matter of absolutely flouting constitutional law. >> megyn: he says can't get through the senate and has to get the business done. >> he must be the arbiter to get it done and what direction for whom. he is the president of the united states, a constitutional republic. he is not, i repeat not, at least -- right now a dictator, an emporer, an a authorityion
10:58 am
figure who has control of a central government, god forbid. >> megyn: we'll see if the doj ends up appealing this. thank you, lou. the state department announced they've shut down the embassy in cairo after riots again rock egypt. these are live pictures from cairo. 50 dead in the the new round of violence. more ahead. we're just moments away from the major announcement on immigration that could revamp the entire system. don't go away. edo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i took theraflu, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male annouer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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11:01 am
. >> fox news alert. we're awaiting a news conference on a proposed deal to overhaul america's immigration laws in a major way that could bring some of the biggest changes to our immigration system in decades. welcome to a brand new hour of america live everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we expect to hear from eight senators, four republicans, four democrats, at a news conference coming up within the half hour. and as i say, bipartisan, you can see the heavy hitters on both sides, chuck schumer, dick durbin, john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio,
11:02 am
you game it a lot of folks whose names you'll recognize at this announcement. this plan, we're told would provide a path to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens already here in america. and our chief correspondent campaign carl cameron live from capitol hill. >> comprehensive immigration reform has basically been stalled by gridlock for almost a decade. republican and democrats have been going forward. tomorrow the president will announce some of his proposals in a news conference and in a speech in las vegas, so this really is an example of the bipartisan senate gang of eight, so-called, calling themselves. and lay down a marker and show that congress hasn't been ignoring this, and president has not dealing with it in his first term. it does have the path to citizenship. some critics say it amounts to amnesty. first, securing the border, whether that's a fence or a wall or uses technology
11:03 am
instead, has always been a real point of contention, they would reduce the overstayed visa, a problem. 40% of the illegal immigrants are overstaying their visas and implement an employee verification system, e-verify, to make sure illegal aliens can't find work. if that happens there would be a guest worker program that would make it possible for immigrants to cross the border and come and take low paying jobs and institute and issue green cards to immigrants who come here with major degrees, technology degrees, post doctorate degrees and things of that nature. of the 11 million current illegal immigrants, for them to get rights to stay here they would have to go through tough background checks, pay fines and taxes and ultimately go to the back of the line first for residencesy and then a green card and potentially citizenship. it's a very complex series of steps, all of them would have to happen sort of simultaneously, but, it's
11:04 am
proponents on both sides of the aisle says that border security has to come first and how that's done, it's very much an open question. the president will surely address it tomorrow, but we get to hear from house republicans with democratic bipartisan-- senate bipartisan, democrats and republicans will be talking in about a half hour and lay it out there and a lot of work to be done in one of the most contentious issues in the country. >> megyn: you'll see the news break here in just a moment. speaking of the proposed deal on immigration, an overwhelming majority of american voters now believe that-- should say believes that illegal immigrants or aliens should be allowed to apply for citizenship with conditions. two-thirds, 66% believe a pathway to citizenship in this country, but only if that person meets certain requirements such as paying back taxes, learning english and passing a background check all of which would be provided for in the bipartisan plan. we will take you to the hill live when the announcement
11:05 am
happens and fox news and senior political analyst brit hume will walk us through the plan and tell us what we can expect. this is not just going to be a senate deal of course, even if they get it passed in the senate. what will happen in the republican controlled house where the factions are much more divided. we'll ask brit for his expertise coming up. well, we showed you last hour, how president obama today sat down with law enforcement officers from three communities, rocked by recent mass shootings. mr. obama meeting with police chiefs from more than a dozen communities, including aurora, colorado. hope creek, wisconsin and newtown connecticut asking them to help him in his efforts to convince congress to pass gun control legislation. but there are new concerns that the president may be deploying other tactics to get what he wants, including federal agencies to push his anti-assault weapons agenda. this just days after we learned that his former chief of staff now chicago mayor, rahm emanuel, may be getting some federal help in his efforts to pressure private
11:06 am
banks that do business with america's gun industry. jay sekulow is the chief counsel for american law and justice. the news that rahm emanuel is now reaching out to big banks, bank of america, td bank, directly and pressuring them not to do business with some of our largest gun manufacturers. here is my question to you, you've got a public official interfering with private contractual rights between these entities, rights protected by the second amendment, by the way, and arguably first amendment, views on gun control. is that legal? >> i don't think so. i think number one, the mayor needs to be careful that he doesn't engage in tortious interference of a business. it's one thing if you're the mayor of chicago and you know what, our retirement funds for chicago employees will not be invested in manufacturers of guns. that's one thing, you can make that decision, but to interfere with the contractual relationship between bank of america or any other bank for that matter and a manufacturer
11:07 am
of an item, here, guns, that are protected by the second amendment and interfere with their contractual relationship, their funding looks like tortious interference of business. this is, calling for a boycott? that's one thing and again that would raise serious issues, but here he's actually saying don't keep those business relationships going, please, period. not that chicago won't do business with the pension funds investing, they can make that decision, chicago can make that decision we're not going to invest in this enterprise, but to tell the private bank of those businesses that you're going to-- we want you to stop doing business with those lawful businesses? i'm sorry, tortious interference with business and i think it could be a big problem for the mayor and it's going to backfire actually i think the reality is, it could hurt the efforts they're trying to do here, this is a huge overreach. >> megyn: if the banks agree, so far we don't have a report of that, don't know what they're deciding, this is just happening. if they agree to do it then the gun manufacturers will argue that they have been damaged and it was a direct
11:08 am
result, they'll say of the tortious interference of the chicago mayor, but separate and apart from that, jay, i want to ask you, ram hm emanuel got in trouble with aclu. remember when he-- with chick-fil-a, and clu said, uh-uh mr. mayo you're a public official and can't discriminate against a group like chick-fil-a because of the beliefs held by chick-fil-a's owners. he doesn't control the banks and can't say we're not doing business. isn't it again, a public official trying to extract a punishment on the gun manufacturers for their beliefs, because what he's saying is, you need to get on board with the president's gun control proposal. and not to stop manufacturing guns, you have to support his proposals otherwise many' going to try it it cut off
11:09 am
your banking business. >> and the third party, and you brought up discrimination and i argued that in front of the supreme court, viewpoint discrimination. and in the 1950's and 60's, those opposed to civil rights tried this, if you do that, we're going to boycott your business, and that didn't work out well for the government leaders who tried to do that and those were constitutional, and the idea he would take a constitutionally protected right and use it as a weapon, if you do business with these companies, banks, well, then you're going to have a price to pay. what, chicago is going to threaten, we won't do business with the banks if they do business with a third party. >> megyn: one thing if the private citizen did it.
11:10 am
the citizenry said we don't want you to do business with any gun manufacturer. >> free speech. >> megyn: until they get on board with president obama's proposal, but when you have the government basically, official, coming in and strong arming somebody that raise tz it to another level, does it not, jay. >> yes. >> megyn: and sets a precedent the other side may be unhappy with when there are different people in power. >> and it may be different issues. we're talking about the second amendment today, but it could be something else. the idea that the government would come in and interfere with a third party relationship. you've got two parties here, three with the government. you've got the government, rahm emanuel coming in and telling the bank, not his bank, but the bank doing business with a protected activity, don't do business with them anymore because we don't like it. you know, i said they tried that in the 50's and 60's and didn't work out too well for them. the idea that you can interfere with the constitutional rights this way, i'm sorry, he's way over the line and think he's creating tremendous liability and not helping the president's position at all in my view period.
11:11 am
>> megyn: and we'll see and what the banks wind up doing. jay, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> megyn: and fox news alert now, on an outbreak of violence in egypt that just forced the u.s. to close its embassy in chi he row. the state department confirming that closure as egypt's latest political crisis spirals out of control, forcing a state of emergency to be declared, that's doing little to contain the growing violence in that country. as deadly protests threatening the government of the islamist president morsi continue. connor powell is live in jerusalem with the very latest, connor? >> megyn, dozens have been killed during these five days of violence, protests that intensified in the wake of a ruling over the weekend sentencing egyptians to death for their part in a soccer riot last year that led 74 people dead. and in order to calm the situation, morsi declared
11:12 am
marshal law in cities including suez and port saeed, that's engaged supporters and opposition groups and many egyptians are claiming that morsi is an islamic hosni mubarak. the strong man who ruled four decades under marshall law and they're beginning we speak. and they're blaming the ruling and muslim brotherhood party. anger and frustration in egypt is extremely high and there's a political climate just worsening, deteriorating and there's really little trust between the government and the people. and over the course of the past few days, there's a real sense that egypt is beginning to slide into an islamic hip, t we're hearing from opposition groups. >> megyn: wow, connor powell, thank you. how far we've come from that arab spring that we all watched so long ago. it's one of america's most notorious unsolved mysteries,
11:13 am
who killed child beauty queen, jon benet ramsey? there was a grand jury ready to hand down a ruling, and. ambassador john bolton is next with the highlights and the low lights of the interview. and the powerful story of the sterling family and how they are changing the lives of five orphaned children. this family doesn't have a lot of dough, very few means, but they saw five children who lost their parents in need and what they did next will move you. stay with us ..
11:14 am
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11:16 am
you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> main thing, i just wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you 'cause i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states
11:17 am
we've had and it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. i wish she was sticking around, but she has logged in so many miles and i can't begrudge her wanting to take it easy for a little bit. >> megyn: well, that was president obama with secretary of state clinton on 60 minutes last night. the one him bitter political rivals looked like best pals at one point in the unique interview. the first time president obama has done a joint interview with anyone except his wife michelle while in office. and joining me former ambassador john bolton. what do you make of his assessment of hillary clinton as our secretary of state. >> if you asked him he'd say candidly the best president, maybe lincoln or a little above. the finest secretary of state, and secretary of agriculture. i think it was part of the agreement, she would go out
11:18 am
escort by him and did a good acting job. >> and brit hume how great hillary clinton was and from her performance had been mediocre, here is an example of what brit said. >> she's certainly been induce trees, she's visited 112 countries and her conduct of secretary of state has been dignified. homework, no gaffes or blunders. she's been a capable of hard working secretary of state, but i think her being the great secretary of state is exceedingly weak. >> megyn: and i think the average person, all right, we haven't seen any major blunders with a few exceptions, but nothing major. why hasn't she been great? >> well, i think she's been workman-like. she has followed the policies of the administration, but there's no single achievement she could point to, there's no great conceptual advance of policy like george marshal's speech at harvard. and there isn't anything she can point to. what we do see is
11:19 am
deterioration of our security in a number of respects, not doing much, if anything, to stop iran or north korea from advancing their nuclear weapons program. falling way behind in the war on terrorism across north africa and the middle east. and seeing our relations with china deteriorate with no strategy in place at all. i mean, i could go on, but time is limited. >> megyn: but they said that, i mean, she was instrumental in getting the harshest sanctions against iran ever put in place and strategy in libya, getting gaddafi deposed. i mean, those, those count. >> well, as i say she did a workman-like performance, but when she came in sanctions at iran were this level and launched missiles and other things and got sanctions and it's true it's more than before, but considering u.n. sanctions negotiated by of all people by susan rice, not to be her successor.
11:20 am
>> megyn: on the question of gaffes, there was an awkward moment with secretary of state, and she got together with of russia and want add reset. and one of the things that her supporters point to, one of the big accomplishments, going to reset our relations with russia. watch what she does. she actually has a rehe set button. >> we want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together. (laughter) >> thank you very much. >> you're very well. >> we worked hard to get the right russian word, did we get it. >> got it wrong. [speaking russian] >> we won't let you do that to ui promise. >> megyn: oh, it's awful. so awkward to watch. we were trying to hit say
11:21 am
reset instead we said overcharged or could mean overloaded that's more confrontational. anyway, how about the reset with russia? >> there are professional translator at the state department who gotten it right. i'd like to know who her staff went to to get the mistranslation. in the past month. both russian president putin and sergei said the reset policy is a failure because we haven't made enough concessions the reset consisted of giving away missile defense bases in the poland and czech republic and on and on and even that has not been enough concessions for vladimir putin. how much time do we have, not enough for the sound bite. okay, we do. on benghazi, steve cross 60 minutes has the president and secretary of state sitting next to each other one question on benghazi, here it was. >> you said during the hearings, i mean, you've accepted responsibility.
11:22 am
you've accepted the very critical findings of admiral mullen and pickerings. you accepted responsibility, but not blame. do you feel guilty in any way, in a personal level? do you blame yourself that you didn't know or that you should have known? do you feel guilty? he asked her a feeling? he wants her feeling as opposed to actually drilling down for some facts, so many of which are still unanswered when it comes to this situation? >> look, she skated through four months of never really answering serious questions about benghazi at both the house and senate hearings last week and basically the members made statements and she made statements back. the only way to do this is to get her off camera in a deposition and ask her questions she can only answer in one word, yes or no. that hasn't happened, and as i say she skated through it and she'll never have to answer. whether she feels guilty or not sadly is irrelevant. >> megyn: my quick answer, do you think it's an endorsement of 2016 bid?
11:23 am
>> no, i think this was they're not going to pick at each other after this. when she runs for president she's not going to campaign against the obama administration. >> megyn: interesting. one wonders how much that interview advanced the ball on that front in any event. ambassador bolten great to hear from you. >> a weather alert, as an ice storm goes across the country and search for a young american who just vanished in turkey. >> twins. i didn't see them coming.
11:24 am
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11:26 am
>> remind you folks, we're now moments away from a major announcement on immigration reform. this is big, how many months and years have we watched this issue and the parties arguing over this and people feel very strongly about this. and now we have an announcement from a bipartisan group of senators who have agreed, we're told agreed.
11:27 am
these are heavy hitters in the senate on the frame work for sweeping legislation in the senate. a plan that would improve monitoring and enforcement at the border and forge a path of citizenship for the 11 illegal aliens or immigrants who are already in the country. we'll take you live, and president obama may have an announcement tomorrow. and whatever his announcement is, it's not going to get done unless he has the support of both houses. if the senate, will they be able to convince house republicans to go along. and brit hume, we'll await the news right here. in the meantime, there's this. an american woman is missing in turkey. and the search is on to bring her home safely. 33-year-old sarai sierra, a wife and mother of two was in turkey on vacation by herself when she vanished on the final
11:28 am
day of her trip. now, her family is frantic. trace gallagher has more, trace? >> reporter: yeah, 9:30 at night right now, almost 9:30 in turkey and sarai sierra's husband and brother should be on the ground having arrived a short time ago. the goal is to meet with the local media and contact the officials trying to organize the search to find her. here is her husband right before he left. listen. >> it's hard having to leave my kids behind, but this is their mom, this is my wife, and this is my girl of so many years, so, i've got to do what i can. >> reporter: sarai sierra went to turkey on january 7th to take pictures. she was supposed to go with a friend and the friend canceled and she went anyway. every day she contacted her family either by text or video chat, even the day she was supposed to come home. when her husband went to pick her up at newark, international airport. she wasn't on the plane and united airlines says she never checked in. she was last seen
11:29 am
photographing a bridge near istanbul, in the youth hostel, a room near istanbul, she left her passport, her phone charger, medical card and sometimes after she contacted her family and before she went to the airport, here is her husband. >> you have so many thoughts in your mind and don't know what to think or believe, you don't know what to expect and what's going to come out of this. >> reporter: by all accounts she was very happily married, again, two young sons. they're now in the country trying to find very little information, very few clues, trying to find whatever they can, megyn. the family is going to be in contact with the family back here in the country and update you as they get more information how the search is going. >> megyn: you feel for them. how do you even begin to head over to turkey and conduct a search for a loved one? it's got to be daunting. all right, trace, thank you. well, we're moments away from
11:30 am
the big announcement on capitol hill. the bipartisan deal on immigration, could provide a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. already some critics are saying this is amnesty, but the numbers so far, i mean, our latest fox news poll show that 66% of the american people would like to see this. they want a path to citizenship. with some conditions and this deal does provide some. we're going to talk with our own brit hume for analysis and then hear the announcement and see exactly what they have proposed. plus, what was initially thought to be an e-mail scam turned into so much more. the life changing plea from five orphans and a family's incredible love. >> we went on this crazy journey about two years ago and we'll be blessed way more than they will. >> it's more than doubled our family overnight and we might eat a lot of spaghetti and i may never buy $100 pair of jeans again, who cares, if that's my only reason, they that's my only reason, they want a f a twinge of back pain surprises him.
11:31 am
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11:34 am
>> fox news alert. after years of debate and multi-billion dollar battles over security, enforcement and what to do, about up to 11 million illegal immigrants who are living in america, we are now set to hear from a bipartisan group of senators on a massive piece of legislation. for years on both sides of the aisles, sweeping proposals on immigration reform that would include a path to citizenship.
11:35 am
brit hume is our fox news senior analyst, and with me now as we await the news, brit, these are heavy hitters in the senate from both the republican and democratic side and that tells you what about the likelihood about this proposal we're about to hear is actually going to go someplace? >> well, it tells you there's a good chance you could get a vote on a proposal along these lines, in the senate. unless a couple of things happen. one is and this is what the republicans are worried about, which is that, is that the democrats will try to soften the bill. to load it up with provisions that make it easier for illegal immigrants to get their path to citizenship or to stay here as provision al worke workers, allow them to get federal benefits more easily. so, these are the kind of things that we could-- could make them, make them dehe rail the bill. the other question of course is what the president will do when he comes out with proposals tomorrow. if they're far to the left and
11:36 am
members of this party in the senate want to go in that direction, that could break it up. then the question becomes, let's assume it gets through the senate, megyn, then of course into the question of how it will do in the republican controlled house and that's a whole other question. >> yeah, but do you think there's he an appetite for this, not just for the republicans and the senate, but those in house given what we saw with the latino vote in the last presidential election where the republicans, as president obama might say, took a thumping? >> i do think the atmosphere is different. the numbers for the president and challenge are romney are stark, a worst showing for a republican presidential candidate on this issue that we can remember and everybody agrees that this is a population that's growing and therefore has growing political influence and i think republicans understand they've got to do better.
11:37 am
but some people about might think that president obama because he's a man of color, and with that element of the electorate. who knows. >> megyn: we'll listen to what they say. >> thank you, everybody, for joining us and we're here to announce today that the five of us here today, and eight of us in total, including senators mccain, durbin, graham, menendez, rubio, flake and bennett have come together on bipartisan principles for comprehensive immigration reform legislation that we hope can pass the senate in overwhelming and bipartisan fashion. we still have a long way to go, but this bipartisan group-- i'm sorry, we still have a long way to go, but this bipartisan blueprint is a major break through. it's our hope that these principles can be turned into legislation by march and have a markup by chairman leahy's
11:38 am
committee with the goal of passage out of the senate by late spring or summer. senator durbin and i spoke to the president yesterday to update him on this group's progress and he couldn't be more pleased. he strongly supports this effort. the key to our compromise is to recognize that americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration. to this end, our frame work contains four basic pillars, first, we create a tough, but fair path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently living in the united states that is contingent upon securing our borders, and system that recognizes characteristics that help build the american economy and strengthen american families. third we create an effective verification system that will
11:39 am
prevent identity theft and end the hiring of future unauthorized workers and lastly, we establish an improved process for admitting future workers to serve our nation's work force needs while simultaneously protecting all workers. other bipartisan groups and senators have stood in the same spot before, trumpeting similar proposals, but we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever, there's more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. we believe we have a window of opportunity to act, but we will only succeed if the effort is bipartisan. by their presence today, my republican colleagues are making a significant statement about the need to fix our broken immigration system.
11:40 am
we democrats are equally serious. we do not want immigration as a wedge issue. much father, we want a bipartisan bill that solves the problem and becomes law. we recognize that in order to pass bipartisan legislation, none of us can get everything we want. that's why our frame work says we can address the status of people living here illegally while at the same time securing our borders and creating an immigration enforcement statement that ensures that we will not again confront another 11 million people coming here illegally. on day one of our bill the people here without status who are not criminals or security risks will be able to live and work here legally. that will make it easier for them to learn english and integrate into their community, without fear of deportation. but to prove to the american people that we're seriously-- that we are serious about permanently ending illegal
11:41 am
immigration to the u.s., we say that we will never put these individuals on a path to citizenship until we have fully secured our borders and combatted the pattern of people overstaying their legal immigration visas. we're asking our colleagues in the senate and the house to join us in this difficult work. it's time to work together to pass legislation that improves our security, grows our economy, and ensures that we will continue to be a nation that lives up to the values of our founders. and i'm going to turn it over to senator mccain in a minute. i want to say he's been the glue in our group. his wisdom, his strength, his courage, his steadfastness and many other adjectives that i'll skip at the moment, have really been inspiring to me and i think to all of us. and i want to just say, want me to go on? and i -- and i want to say that every member of our group, including senator
11:42 am
graham, who couldn't be here today, senator mccain has a statement from him, have really been terrific in terms of understanding that we have to come to an agreement. we have to meet in the middle, that the mission of getting a bill done to strengthen america is more important than any of us clinging to a specific belief. and so i'm optimistic, i'm truly optimistic, more than i was when we had our first meeting in december, that we can get this done. and i really want to thank every one of the members here. it's been so far, we're only a part of the way done, there are loads of pitfalls, but it's been a great experience so far and i think one that gives all six of us, a great deal of optimism. senator mccain? >> i'd like to thank senator schumer for his leadership. i'd like to thank the democratic leader, dick durbin, there's not been anyone in america who has fought harder for the so-called dreamers that--
11:43 am
than dick durbin has and he will continue to be-- have the gratitude of many americans. my friend, senator rubio, who obviously is a new, but incredibly important voice in this whole issue of immigration reform, senator menendez has also played a key role and of course, senator graham, who is uncharacteristically absent from this gathering. as senator schumer mentioned, it's the first step in what will continue to be difficult, but achievable. i don't think i have to remind anyone, the last major attempt was over six years ago, now we will again attempt to commit the remaining resources needed to secure the border, modernize and streamline our current immigration system, and create a tough, but fair path to citizenship for those here illegally. and i would like to testify
11:44 am
again, the security situation along the southwest border is not perfect, there remains several areas, particularly in arizona where people's homes are being invaded. where drug smugglers are crossing property every night and these citizens deserve the same level of security that all of us standing here have. but there's no question there's been a significant reduction, an illegal crossings over the past five years. apprehension of illegal immigrants by the border patrol dropped 70% from 2005 to 2012. but their work is not yet complete. greater focus needs to be paid to drug traffickers, criminals that cross the border. arizona continues to be a major smuggling corridor and distribution hub for drug trafficking organizations, to combat this, we need to continue to invest in high technology. uav's, radar, other proven surveillance systems that will
11:45 am
give the border patrol the ability to detect and apprehend illegal entries into the united states, it's achievable and can be completed within the next few years if we commit to it it. the next most important step it to ensure that we don't repeat the mistakes of 1986, where we gave amnesty to 3 million people, promised the border would be secure and now of course we're dealing with 11 million people here illegally. so that has to have increased and fines on employers that knowingly hire illegal workers. we have to have employment verification system that will end the hiring of future unauthorized immigrants. we need to shut off the magnate that attracts illegal workers. we will put in place a legal worker program to provide a humane and effective system that allows immigrant workers to enter the country without
11:46 am
seeking the aid of human traffickers or drug cartels. any immigration legislation that passes congress must establish practical, legal channels for workers to enter the united states whether they're high skill, low skill or agricultural workers so we can free up federal officials to focus on those individuals truly intended to do our nation harm through drug smuggling, people trafficking, and possibly terrorism. providing the expedited path to citizenship for dreamers, developing a measurement to determine when the border is truly secure, reforming our future immigration system, to better meet the needs of our employers, ensuring a e a entry/exit system and that the u.s. agriculture has the necessary workers to maintain the food supply are some of the issues we committed to addressing and solving in a
11:47 am
bipartisan manner. and finally, we come to the most controversial piece of immigration reform and that's how to deal with the approximately 11 million people living in the united states outside of legal status. what's going on now is unacceptable. reality, what's been created is a defacto amnesty. we've been too content for too long to allow individuals to mow our lawn, serve our food, clean our homes, and even watch our children while not affording them any of the benefits that make our country so great. i think everyone agrees that it's not beneficial for our country to have these people here hidden in the shadows. let's create a system to bring them forward, allow them to settle their debt to society and fulfill the necessary requirements to become law abiding citizens this have country and this is consistent with our country's tradition of being a nation of laws and
11:48 am
a nation of immigrants. i'd like to read senator lindsey graham's brief statement. he says i hope the third time is a charm. i've enjoyed working with my nate colleagues in drafting these principles, and a break through on substance and hope they'll be seen as a break through in forming a political coalition to finally solve our immigration problems and coalition must include the president and house of representatives. my hope is the immigration reform bill will start in the senate and receive an overwhelming bipartisan vote and long way from having legislative language, but i believe 2013 represents us to the best chance to pass immigration reform in many years, the time is right, and the way forward while difficult is being better defined by the day, and with a reasonable political give and talk we will be successful. however, if for some reason we
11:49 am
fail in our efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform, i do believe it will be many years before anyone is willing to try to solve this problem. we should start this new attempt hull understanding of how difficult the tax is, but i finally say again, in the last couple of days, we have been able to have been what was called a nuclear option in the united states senate. a lot of people don't appreciate how important it was for us to get that done. and chuck schumer and i and others and dick durbin were involved in a bipartisan effort to avert that. thanks to the cooperation of our two leaders we were able to do that. there is a desire for bipartisanship in this. i think we can show the country and the world that we're capable of tackling this issue and moving a terrible issue that has to be resolved in a bipartisan basis and i believe the majority of the american people support such
11:50 am
an effort and i want to thank my colleagues again and the ever congenial senator schumer. >> now we'll have even more congenial senator durbin. >> i want to thank my colleagues. john mccain, thanks, we're been down this road before, but i feel very good about our chances this time. chuck, thank you for your leadership on this, i'm sure that marco and bob and lindsey and i understand that you've been the force behind, he's the glue and you're the force and it's worked. we've come to this moment and here we are facing the issue of immigration, nothing new in measured mesh. this nation of immigrants has been debating it-- >> there you have it. senator dick durbin continues his remarks, if you'd like to hear the remaining senators do that on where we will stream the remarks live, but you heard the news from senators schumer and mccain. the proposal is an additional
11:51 am
crackdown on border security, including unmanned aerial vehicles and agents at the border and additional efforts in that regard and then as that begins to take effect, some this have from editorial we have received prior to the announcement, then the illegal immigrants who would like to be on a path to citizenship can do so by registering with the government. undergoing a background check, paying a fine, back taxes and in order to become a citizen the proposals require them to learn english, take a civics exam, undergo further background checks and so on. brit hume is with me now our senior political analyst, your reaction, brit? >> one thing i want to make sure everybody understands is that senator mccain's remarks will be available soon as an e-book. (laughter) he did go on a bit. and as a legislative matter, megyn, there's a lot in this bill. just a list of things that you read off as qualifications for someone to pursue a path to citizenship just gives awe sample of it. there's a lot in here that has
11:52 am
to to with people that we're trying to encourage to come here. automatic green cards for certain degrees in this country to encourage them to stay here on and on and on and i think in political terms perhaps the most critical piece of this is the -- is the part of the measure that would allow you, before becoming a citizen, without ever getting a green card, to achieve a kind of probationary legal status allowing you to live and work here. this for people who are already here and are not here legally. that will be viewed by some as amnesty and perhaps it is and we'll see whether the political climate has changed enough that the cries of amnesty may not have the power that they once did. >> megyn: and they do say that when you're in this probationary status you would not receive federal benefits and we talked earlier, you would not receive obamacare and so on, that would only happen once you become a citizen. and i want to ask you, and john mccain made reference,
11:53 am
what our viewers will ask about. amnesty in the 1980's, we don't want to repeat the mistakes of 1986 we said we would secure the border and we didn't. how there will need to be increased employer verification system for whether illegals are working in these corporate shops and so on. he really feels like this time around they need to do it differently, secure and then provide the path. >> the problem, megyn, is with all the good intentions that i think are present here, is that the word secure is tricky. how do you measure, how do you know when the border is effectively sealed? and the answer is, that's very hard to measure and they can set up various kinds of standards and a number of agents to put on, a number of drones and the size of this fence or that check point or so forth. those things are all kind of input. the output of illegal immigrants so to speak into this country is obviously what you're trying to check and that's a little harder to measure so that will be something that everybody wrestles with as we go forward
11:54 am
in this legislation. the standard by which you judge the question, have we done enough to secure the border. >> megyn: the issue though of securing the border is something that people care deeply about. for many, it's a concern about sovereignty, how the united states deserves to defend its borders and to know who is coming into the country and who is not. and if there are improved methods, along that line, do you think it would soften, even the most, i don't know, even the harshest critics in the house, for example, of this proposal, which there will be, will it soften them? >> well, you may not get the harshest critics, megyn, but you may not need them. the question is whether you can get people who are generally favorably disposed towards the idea of forming an immigration system and finding a way to deal with this problem of so many of them already here and many of whom when we get down to it, a good reason to want to have stay here and i think that's the standard by which we judge this, with people who are sort of on the-- who are law enforcement minded and worrying about rewarding
11:55 am
violations of the law whether they can be convinced that the steps that have been taken are enough and the steps of people have to go through to achieve either this temporary legal status or citizenship. those are the key questions. >> before i let you go. how, how important is the makeup of the electoral college and electorate and the fact that the latino voters were so critical in the last presidential election? the republicans in the house may not like it, are they practical people, if they get against this and kill it in the house, they could be killing their, their own reelection hopes, could be killing their chances of rewinning the white house as well? >> i don't think, megyn, that the vote totals among hispanics, especially hispanic women were lost on very many republicans. the question for them is going to be, all right, let's look at my district. or my state. how do people in my state feel about this? and how passionately do they feel about it? you may have a majority in
11:56 am
your district that says we want to pass the citizenship, you saw the big national number, what 66%, on the other hand you might have a passionate minority who feels strongly about it and prepared to vote for it on the way they vote on guns on one issue alone. these are things that the members will be measuring. and broadly speaking has the republican party softened up on immigration? has it it softened enough in the house of representatives votes will be crucial? if this gets to the house, a lot of democrats are going to vote for it, so, you know, it's not going to be like, you know, you can't pass it. the question for someone like john boehner, can he round up a majority of his caucus to go along with it, if he can't would it he be willing to put it to a vote anyway, these are the practical considerations. >> megyn: harry reid has said i'll do whatever i can to get it past the finish line and
11:57 am
chuck schumer, by the they'll have a vote on it. and how about the president's own immigration proposal tomorrow coming on the heels of this? >> well, if the president comes out and tries to take this farther, in other words, if he tries to have an even more liberal immigration scheme than these, this bipartisan group is proposing, then i think it will, you know, he may move a significant number of democrats left on this issue and upset the delicate compromise that's been reached here? i wonder if he'll do that. i wonder if the president feels the way senator schumer feels, we don't want the issue, we want the achievement? we'll see. >> megyn: we'll find out tomorrow. and i'm sure doesn't want to muck it up, muck up the chances, but maybe something more akin to what he wants if he's a forceful advocate. brit hume, always great to here your perspective.
11:58 am
thank you. and we'll have the ice stream, the latest track on it next. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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